About Us

Since 2021, we have been producing test-hair tools for hairdressers. We are an online store and blog covering hair coloring, hair dye techniques, hair care and much more.


What is Test-Hair?

Test Hair is a tool made from natural hair strands. Hairdresser use Test Hair sets to start or expand their career in the beauty industry:

  • to gain more practice with hair 

  • get through hairdressing courses

  • to educate your own students

  • to make content for social media

If you want to create unique social media content and promote yourself like a professional, then order test-hair directly through WhatsApp chat.

We accept orders of any test-hair size.

Set of 3 Test-hair strands

We have standard 6 cm long strands in stock, as well as long ones up to 25 cm in length.

long test-hair set

Any questions? We usually respond withing 10 minutes.